Vegan. Delicious. Comfort Food.


Vegan cuisine

Free of gluten & refined sugar

Whole, intact ingredients

Made with love & integrity

At Clovermint, we make comfort food with caring hands to be vegan and absolutely delicious.

Our founder, Ann Vonouk's, own journey towards veganism began in childhood with vegetarianism and a love for animals taught by her family and grew over her life into the dedicated vegan business that is Clovermint today. A fateful, life and body altering car accident at eighteen-years-old added another layer to Ann’s already vegan and cruelty-free life, eating right for your health, happiness, and functionality. Today Ann and her husband, Shane, work side by side every day to create a kinder world.

We strive to make comfort food with all the richness of flavor and nostalgia of the original with new and innovative, wholesome ingredients that leave animals out of the process. Just how it should be, made with love and by hands that are singularly invested in the goodness of the food you are about to consume. We’ve put thought and care into every item that emerges from our kitchen and we hope that message comes through each plate to you.

We thank you for contributing to a compassionate world with your choices and for supporting local, vegan business!